What are Capital Supports funding?

Your CAPITAL SUPPORTS funding is to use towards higher-cost, one-off purchases of assistive technology, equipment and home or vehicle modifications.

This is the least flexible budget as the funding must be used as identified in the plan.

What supports fall under the Capital supports budget?

The NDIA uses the reasonable & necessary criteria to determine if a support should be funded, and what would be necessary for you/your child under this category.

The are 2 categories in the CAPITAL budget. These include:

Assistive technology
Home modifications & SDA

How can I use this funding?

To understand what types of supports you can use your CORE budget funding for, have a look at our article: How do I use my Capital supports funding

What if I do not have funding for this support?

If your plan has not included funding for these supports, and you feel this is reasonable & necessary for your disability needs, you will need to get in touch with your NDIA planner or LAC directly, or call NDIA on 1800 800 110 to discuss a plan review or your options for funding.

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