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Changing Plan Managers

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If you feel like your current plan manager is not right for you, you can change at any stage during your NDIS plan. Follow our 4 simple steps below:

Cancel your current PM

Sign up with Plan Hero

Let the NDIS know

Sit back and relax

Step 1

Cancel your current PM

Contact your current plan manager to let them know you want to cancel supports and change plan managers. It can usually take 30 days for funds to be released, unless you request for this to be done earlier.

Not sure what to say?
Use our email template shown here:

Subject: Cancellation of Plan Management services – (Participant Name – NDIS No.)


Dear Plan Manager,

I (as plan nominee, or participant) would like to cancel plan management services from today on behalf of myself/or (Participant Name – NDIS No), and request the release of my NDIS funds ASAP.

If you could let us know what date the cancellation will take place, that would be greatly appreciated.


(Your Name)

Step 2

Sign up with Plan Hero

Register with Plan Hero plan managers and we will coordinate the transfer from your previous plan manager and assist you with the next steps.

Step 3

Are you new to the NDIS or on PACE?

If you are new to the NDIS, or have transitioned to the new online PACE system, you will also need to let the NDIS know that you have changed plan management providers.

Simply call them on 1800 800 110 to update your plan manager details (all our details are available in the form below), OR send a copy of our ‘Changing Plan managers‘ form to your NDIS representative (this is your LAC or NDIA planner listed on your NDIS plan)

Step 4

Sit back and relax

Relax and enjoy a cuppa! One of our awesome team members will reach out to you in the next 24 hours to take you through the next steps, and help manage the transfer of your NDIS funds from your current plan manager.

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