What is Core Supports funding under the NDIS?

Your CORE SUPPORTS funding is put in place to help you work towards your long-term goals, but more importantly to help you, or the person with a disability to increase their independence and make your everyday life more accessible.

This is the most flexible budget because you can use your funding across any of the 4 support categories that fall under this category.

What supports fall under the Core budget?

The NDIA uses the reasonable & necessary criteria to determine if a support should be funded, and what would be necessary for you/your child under this category. These supports look different for everyone, however it’s often that children under a certain age get limited funding in this area, as the NDIA may determine a large number of these ‘Core supports’ to be are a parental responsibility.

The are 6 categories in your CORE budget. These include:

Assistance with Daily Life


Assistance with Social & Community Participation

Home & Living

Young People in Residential Aged Care

How can I use this funding?

To understand what types of supports you can use your CORE budget funding for, have a look at our article: How do I use my Core supports funding

What if I do not have funding for this support?

If your plan has not included funding for these supports, and you feel this is reasonable & necessary for your disability needs, you will need to get in touch with your NDIA planner or LAC directly, or call NDIA on 1800 800 110 to discuss a plan review or your options for funding.

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