How do I read my NDIS plan?

Are you looking at your NDIS plan feeling confused or thinking ‘what does this all mean?’. Whilst it can be confusing looking through your NDIS plan, we are here to make life easier!

Your NDIS plan is made up

  1. My profile
  2. My goals
  3. My funded supports

We have broken these sections down for you below to explain each section so you can understand how to read and interpret your plan.

My Profile

The front page and your profile contact basic details about you and your plan including:

  • Your Plan NDIS Number
  • Your NDIS contact info
  • Plan Start & End Date
  • My Profile
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact details
  • Information about you
  • Current informal and formal supports
Old Plan Example
New Plan Example

My Goals

These were discussed and decided in your NDIS planning meeting and helped to determine what supports and level of funding you have been given:

  • Short term goals
  • Medium term goals
  • Long term goals
Old Plan Example
New Plan Example

My funded supports

Your funded supports outline how much funding you have and what budget categories have been approved (in other words – what kinds of supports you can access). This section is a table and includes:

  • Overall Budget
  • Budget PER category (i.e. Core, Capital and Capacity)
  • Types of supports under each category
  • How your plan is managed
Old Plan Example
New Plan Example

How do you read your funded supports?

Each support category will display the same information including:

  • Budget Category Name -i.e. Core Supports, Transport, Assistive technology, CB Daily Living etc.
  • Budget amount = total amount funded for that specific category
  • Supports funded = what supports are included and can be funded from this category
  • Budget management = how the funding in that specific category is managed

See the examples of the budget category below. For more information on how your funds are managed: ‘How is my plan managed’

Old Plan Example
New Plan Example

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