How is my NDIS plan managed?

Are you wondering or being asked how your NDIS plan is being managed? Are the words agency or NDIA-managed, plan managed or self-managed being thrown around? This is referring to how your NDIS plan is being FINANCIALLY managed.

In order words – how your bills are being paid for the supports you are accessing using your plan.

First things first, how can I tell if my plan is self, agency or plan managed?

In this resource we will cover the following topics:

What does Agency, Plan and self managed mean?

The budgets in your NDIS plan are either agency, self or plan managed, however sometimes your plan budgets can be managed in a combination of ways – meaning your plan is a mix of agency and self, agency and plan, or plan and self managed.

Agency managed (also called NDIA-managed)

The agency will cover the cost of all your bills. This means your providers will contact the NDIA directly to claim for the supports they have provided.

You can only use NDIA-REGISTERED PROVIDERS if this budget is listed as NDIA-managed

Plan Managed

The NDIA will cover the cost of a plan manager who will help you maange your plan financially. This includes paying your providers for the supports you are accessing from your plan and helping you budget.

There is NO cost to you to have your plan plan-managed. You can use both registered and non-registered providers.


You are responsible for claiming the funds to pay your providers directly from the NDIA via the my place portal. You are responsible for budgeting, auditing and paying your providers from your NDIS funding.

Your NDIS plan – Printout/PDF

Under EACH budget category in the plan it will say: “My                         Supports funding is                  – managed”.

We have included some examples for you below so you can see how it appears in your plan:

NDIA or agency Managed

This is an example of a budget category that is NDIA-managed

Plan Managed

This is an example of a budget category that is PLAN-MANAGED

Self Managed

This is an example of a budget category that is SELF-MANAGED

Your plan – on MyPlace portal

Each budget support category will be listed under the budget in a table with the amount allocated (funding allocation) and how it is managed (amount will be listed under Agency, Plan or Self Managed).

Here is how the table may appear:

Stated, In-kind and quote required supports

Some plans have specific items that are listed as stated, in-kind or quote-required. We’ve explained each of these below:

  • Stated Supports – Not-flexible – You can’t swap ‘stated supports’ for any other supports. The plan will list WHAT the stated supports are (and what line item/category they must be funded under)
  • In-kind Supports – Pre-paid – Prepaid by government and you must use this provider as all services are booked.
  • Quote Required – Additional information such as quotes and/or specialist reports will be required before funding can be made available in your plan.

Here is an example of what a ‘stated support’ would look like in your plan (Note: the category say ‘My Stated supports is….’

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