How to change NDIS Plan Managers

Is NDIS funding is being plan managed, and are you not feeling supported, heard or like your plan manager has your back?

Plan Hero have shared the 3 simple steps to change your NDIS plan manager and you can do this at any stage of your plan (you do not need to wait for a plan review). 

3 steps to changing NDIS plan managers

  1. Decide who your new plan manager will be – choose a plan manager like Plan Hero that has your back, and will put you first and meet your needs.
  2. Give your current plan manager written notice – send them an email telling them you wish to cancel their services. You need not give a reason why and they cannot say no. This will need to be completed by the participant or authorised rep. Don’t know what to say? See our email template
  3. Send your request to change to the NDIA – If you have access to the new NDIS PACE system, you will need to advise the NDIS to list your new plan manager as an ‘endorsed provider’.
    Simply download this form and send this to your NDIS representative or call 1800 800 110 to advise them if you would like to change to Plan Hero Plan Managers.

Subject: Cancellation of Plan Management services – (Participant Name – NDIS No.)


Dear Plan Manager,

I (as plan nominee, or participant) would like to cancel plan management services from today on behalf of myself/or (Participant Name – NDIS No), and request the release of my NDIS funds ASAP.

If you could let us know what date the cancellation will take place, that would be greatly appreciated.


(Your Name)

What should a good Plan Manager do for you?

The role of a Plan Manager is to support and guide you to use your NDIS funding in the best possible way to achieve your goals and outcomes. There are a number of ways an NDIS Plan Manager can support you, most importantly they should:

  • Know who you are
  • PAY your bills promptly
  • SUPPORT you and be easily contactable
  • HELP you understand how to use your funding correctly
  • Allow you to have better CONTROL over how to use your funding
  • TRACK your budget, and let you know when you are over or underspending your funds

Why should you choose Plan Hero as your NDIS Plan Manager?

Plan Hero is an Independent small plan manager, and we are super passionate about educating and empowering individuals who join our Plan Hero fam! Plan Hero doesn’t just pay the bills, we strive to support YOU in finding the information you need to understand your NDIS plan and assist in making informed choices from the options available. 

  • We answer the phone when you call.
  • We know your name, not just your NDIS number
  • You are part of your family, and we are always available to chat and answer any questions whether it’s via phone or email
  • There is no out-of-pocket cost to you. When changing to Plan Hero from another plan manager we will waive any additional set-up fees. This means and we will simply be paid by the NDIA in monthly fees, as your previous plan manager was paid.

Make the switch and join the Plan Hero family

It’s super easy, all you need to do is follow the steps below by clicking on the button ‘Join Plan Hero today!’:

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