How to Invoice

If you are providing any supports to an NDIS participant, you will require an invoice in order for the NDIS and an NDIS plan manager to process your invoices promptly. This resource will help you understand how to get paid including:

What does my invoice need to include?

In order for the NDIS and your plan manager to process your invoices promptly, the following essential criteria must be included in your invoice:

  • Your business name, ABN and bank details
  • Your customer’s full name and NDIS number (if known)
  • A valid invoice number 
  • The service provided, including the NDIS line item number (if known)
  • The date the invoice was issued AND the date the service was delivered
  • The number of hours and hourly rate for the support provided
  • If applicable, the invoice total should include GST

Do I need to be NDIS registered?

If your client’s NDIS funding is PLAN-MANAGED or SELF-MANAGED then you do not need to be NDIS registered in order to get paid. See the requirements set out by the NDIS’ Quality and Safeguard Commission’s regarding the standards you need to meet if unregistered.

If you client is NDIA-managed (also known as agency-managed), then you can only claim funds and be paid if your are an NDIS-registered provider.

Further information for providers can be found here

How much can I charge for my services?

The NDIS Price Guide outlines the maximum prices they have set for the majority of services and products. To ensure you are paid in full, you will need to ensure your rate does not exceed this NDIS price limit (unless your client is self-managed).

If you would like to see the NDIS rate for the supports your provide use our easy guide NDIS PRICE TOOL.

When can I expect to be paid?

Plan managers have different payment terms depending on their claim processing and accounting processes. It’s important to discuss this with your clients and plan managers when engaging supports so you are aware of how quickly invoices can be paid.

All invoices must be reviewed or approved by the client, with approval options in place between a plan manager and their client. Once the claim is approved, it must then be submitted to the NDIA to review and approve and once this has been approved the funds are released to the plan manager so that you, the provider, can be paid directly.

How do I submit an invoice to Plan Hero?

Invoices can be sent directly via invoices@planhero.com.au Please ensure all necessary information is included in your invoice, and it submitted in PDF, Word or Excel format in order to be paid promptly. If we have any questions regarding your invoices we will get in touch via email to confirm prior to the claim being submitted on behalf of our mutual client.

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