NDIS Toolkit

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What’s in the NDIS toolkit?

Plan Hero Plan Management are on a mission to make the NDIS journey less overwhelming, so we have created the NDIS Toolkit to help participants, parents, grandparents and carers along their NDIS journey.

This includes how to apply for NDIS funding and is followed by support for preparing for your NDIS planning. We also include tips on how to creatively use your NDIS funding to ensure you get the very most from your plan.

Applying for
the NDIS

Planning Meeting Preparation

Using your NDIS funding

Plan Reassessment or Review

Find Latest NDIS Prices

Applying to the NDIS

Discover the steps to applying to the NDIS:

Who is eligible for funding?
Who can help me apply for NDIS funding?
How to apply for NDIS funding?

Planning meeting

We help you navigate the ins and outs of the NDIS, how to use your child’s funding and ensure you have the ongoing support needed to make the most of their NDIS plan

What is an NDIS Planning Meeting?
Top 10 tips to prepare for your planning meeting
What evidence do I need?
Setting Goals for your plan
Writing a Carer’s Statement
What is NDIS plan management?

Using your funds

Understanding how to use your funds, what supports you can access and how to budget for your supports is incredibly important. As plan managers, we know the price guide like the back of our hand so find out our tips and guidance

How do I read my plan?
Understanding my NDIS Plan
I have my plan, what next?
Finding Supports
Setting up Service Agreements

Plan Reassessment

Discover how to prepare for your upcoming plan reassessment, if you are looking at increasing your plan funding or requesting a change of circumstance

What is an NDIS Plan Reassessmnet?
What happens in my plan reassessment meeting?
How do I prepare?
What if I don’t need a reassessment?
How do I request an early reassessment?

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