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Plan Reassessment

Our top tips and resources to guide you on how to prepare for your upcoming plan reassessment or requesting a plan review

What is a plan reassessment?

What happens in my plan reassessment?

How do I prepare for my plan reassessment?

What if I don’t need a plan re-assessment?

How do I request a plan reassessment?

What is a plan reassessment?

Your NDIS planner will contact your for a ‘participant check in’ a few weeks before your current plan end date, and to book in your plan reassessment meeting. You will discuss what worked well and didn’t work well in your current plan. Some participants may not require a full plan reassessment, however if your circumstances have changed or you would like a full plan reassessment, you can discuss this with your planner.

What happens in my plan reassessment?

This is your opportunity to review your plan funding, circumstances and discuss if changes in supports are required. During the meeting you will be asked questions about:

  • What worked well in your plan?
  • What didn’t work as well?
  • Is there any change in your circumstances?
  • Have you made progress towards your goals?
  • What goals did you achieve?
  • What questions do you have about how your plan is managed?
  • Would you like to change how you manage your funding?
  • What are your new goals for your next plan?

How do I prepare for my plan reassessment?

Start preparing for your plan reassessment a few weeks before to make sure you have everything you need. These may include reports/assessments, and what questions you can prepare:

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What if I don’t need a reasssessment?

If you don’t require any changes to your current plan funding, and you don’t expect any change to your current circumstances in the next 12 months – you can simply request an automatic plan extension.

If your plan reaches it’s end date, and you did not request a plan reassessment or your are still awaiting a response, than your current plan will be automatically extended for up to 12 months (unless your current plan is more than a 12-month plan, in which case your plan will be extended for the same timeframe.)

How do I request a plan reassessment?

Your NDIS planner or representative will contact you a few weeks before your plan end date to schedule your plan reassessment.

If you need to request a plan reassessment earlier, you can do so by simply contacting your NDIS representative or calling the NDIA on 1800 800 110

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