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Planning Meeting

Our top tips and resources to guide you on how to prepare for your NDIS meeting

What is a planning meeting?

How do I prepare?

What documents do I need?

How do I write goals?

What is a carer’s statement?

What is plan management?

What is a planning meeting?

An NDIS planning meeting is a meeting that takes place between you (the participant and/or your nominee/rep) and the NDIS representative a few weeks after your application has been approved. It is a very important step in your NDIS journey

How do I prepare for the meeting?

Start preparing for your NDIS planning meeting now, the more prepared you go in – the better chance you can have of getting funding for the supports you need.

Here are a list of things you can prepare for the meeting:

  • Reports or recent assessments from your doctor, carers, therapists (if current)
  • Carers statement
  • A journal or log of what you do day to day and how this is impacted by your disability
  • A list of your goals
  • A list of supports you need
  • Questions you want to ask

What documents do I need?

Documents/reports that are provided by your current supports can help justify what supports you may need. They can also be used by NDIS to determine if your requests are reasonable & necessary, evidence based and best funded by the NDIS. Reports are helpful if it outlines:

  1. The impact of your disability on your day-to-day life
  2. What supports you need and why
  3. How these supports can help you achieve your goals

If your current supports can provide you with a report/assessment, advise them to keep the language simple (no medical jargon), make sure it’s clear and concise and outlines exactly what disability-related supports are needed, how many sessions are required and the overall cost (where possible).

How do I write goals?

The main aim of your NDIS planning meeting is to understand what goals you would like to achieve and any disability specific barriers that prevent you from pursuing your goals.

What is a carer’s statement?

A Carer Statement (sometimes referred to as an Impact Statement) is a written letter by someone who cares for or is involved in the treatment of an individual living with a disability.

The purpose of carer’s statement is to explain how the individual’s disability is impacting their life and the lives of those around them.

It is not compulsory, but can have a beneficial impact of explaining to the NDIS what supports would be helpful, and can strengthen your NDIS application & planning meeting.

How will my plan be managed?

During your meeting the NDIS representative will ask you how you would like your NDIS funding to be plan managed. This refers to how your funds will be paid and financially managed.

It is your choice as to how your funds will be. These are your options:

For more information about plan management CLICK HERE

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