Self Management Assistance

Navigating the NDIS portal and understanding how to manage your budget can be quite overwhelming.
Plan Hero are here to help!

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Understand the best ways to manage the invoices, payments and records

Learn how to best track your spending & budget to avoid running out of funds

Learn the ins and outs of working with the NDIS portal with a self-managed plan

Feel empowered to choose and control how and where you use your funding, and taking on the responsibility of self management

What is NDIS Self Management?

Self Management is when YOU manage your NDIS funding.

It gives you the flexibility and choice to decide what supports you buy to meet your plan goals.

There are a range of responsibilities you take on when it comes to self managing an NDIS plan, and we help you navigate all these tasks


of NDIS participants are plan managed



Benefits of Self Management

You have the choice of having your NDIS plan fully or partly Self-Managed.

Choice & Control

Manage your own budget and decide what supports can be purchased, who and how they are delivered


Use any provider that will best help you to meet your goals. NDIS-Registered & Non-NDIS Registered


Engage with staff directly, or have someone employ staff on your behalf.


Negotiate the costs of your supports so you get the best value-for-money and to use savings to buy more or better quality supports.

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