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How to read your NDIS Plan

What’s in the workshop?

Kim, from Plan Hero talks you through how to best understand the plan sections, and how to read each of the budget categories and understanding your funded supports

Who is this workshop for?
Anyone needing help with their NDIS plan
Those having trouble understanding the budget categories in their NDIS plan

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How to make the most for your NDIS funding

Confused about what you can use your NDIS funding, and want to know what supports you can access? This is the webinar for you!

lady looking pensive standing against table looking at ndis plan to review

How to read your NDIS plan

Understand how to read your plan, how to read your budget and what to do with your NDIS funding

Using your child’s NDIS funding for:
Social skill development

Learn how to use your NDIS funding to help support your autistic child in expanding their social skills!

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