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We had no idea how to support our daughter and thought when the funds run out that is it. Thank goodness we reached out to Plan Hero who immediately supported us on how to get a plan review and how to prepare for it.

Madeleine, Mother

How happy and pleased I am with Plan Hero as my plan manager. Having two children participate in the NDIS is already a challenge; however, having someone on my team like Plan Hero is alleviating the stress I have when handling NDIS funds.

Dennis, Father

I had Plan Hero explain my package and break down everything into their categories so I knew how and what to claim. I would highly recommend them to anyone struggling with their package – Plan Hero has done their homework a understands much more than we do.

Jon, Participant

I have had my two children with a bigger plan management company as was very frustrated with delays in payment and lack of communication. Service agreements were going missing which led to no enough funding to continue support’s. I changed to plan hero a few months ago and have not had an issue. Samantha and Tiana are always friendly, Payment’s and reimbursement are quick with delays. You don’t get lost in communication by different departments or on hold for a long time.

Jade, Mother & Provider

What I like most is that the Plan Hero team is easy to access – on the phone and via email. English is not my first language so they explain things in simple English. Plan Hero have taken a lot of stress away from me and given me so much more time. I was too busy to get my son’s NDIS plan going and it feels like ‘God sent me an angel’

Erica, Mum of 12 yr old

I was so fortunate to be referred to Plan Hero by another mum with a child on the spectrum. Kim and the team have been a wealth of knowledge and so supportive. I am feeling so empowered right now and my son is making the best use of his funding all because of your guidance. Thank you!

Dee, Mum of 8 yr old

They take the time out to explain everything to you, they never complain when you need to call for advice, very caring and compassionate about their clients, I would highly recommend them, they have been amazing to me and my family,

Vicky, Grandparent to 9 yr old

I am very happy with the team, they are so wonderful and I am so grateful that I connected with them.

Ana, Participant

They aways takes time to explain thing to me if I don’t understand things, you guys are amazing

Erica, Mum of 12 yr old

Great help straight away with no delays, go out of the way to make everything as easy as possible for you.

Shae, Mother to 6 yr old

Good advice, always happy to answer questions and have helped my son get the supports her needs

Peter, Father to 22 yr old

I wish I had seen something like that years ago when we started this journey

Deb, Mother to 14 yr &15 yr old

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